The Magic of Digital Marketing: How Can Virtual Markets Help Businesses Flourish?

Posted on Thursday, July 16th, 2020 By Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered why you bought the food processor you saw only once in an ad? Have you ever given a thought to how we may end up buying products by only seeing them online? If your brain cells are already entangled while trying to answer the above questions, this article is for you!

Imagine this: You are a shopkeeper owning a small business, catering to customers from your locality where you are a hit. Now imagine this: What if you could market your products to the length and breadth of the country and, in fact, the entire world? Wouldn’t it be lucrative and several times more beneficial?

The world today and its people are tied together by an invisible network called the internet. The popular opinion indicates that a person may lack basic necessities but will definitely own a mobile phone because it has become such an integral part of our lives. Moreover, the incredibly affordable internet connections and data plans compel us to stay up-to-date with everything that happens online and also in our vicinity.

Making use of this omnipresent resource of the internet and the new bare minimum – mobile phones, digital marketing is slowly taking over the traditional mediums of marketing.

In today’s fast-paced world, we are in constant lookout for maximizing reach and visibility for our businesses, thus conserving our precious time, resources, and efforts that go into managing merely a handful of audience. While we aim to reach a larger community, we also aspire to never negotiate on the quality of goods and services we deliver. With almost every human being glued to their cell-phone for most hours of the day, marketing and promoting one’s business via the unseen hero – the internet – guarantees far wider reach. This is the reason we see ‘digital marketing’ popping up everywhere around us all the more frequently in the recent past.

Types of Digital Marketing

While digital marketing in itself is a blooming branch of marketing, it also has its own unique types, wherein each one serves a unique purpose

  • Social media marketing: Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or LinkedIn, numerous businesses are tapping these utterly popular social media platforms to market their exclusive products and services. Each of these platforms is also equipped with wonderful features, such as adding hashtags and location tags to Instagram posts and stories, allowing the respective posts to reach a wider audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This essential component makes targeting your potential audience very, very easy with the help of additional features such as using specific keywords and ensuring a predefined level of keyword density.
  • Content marketing: This is ruled by the power of the pen (or the keypad)! Acing content marketing requires tapping on to your customer’s emotions and expressing it via a carefully picked selection of words. Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ or KFC’s ‘Finger-lickin’ good’ are examples of how taglines call for a creative mix of wit and finesse, thereby creating content that sells and brings in sales.
  • Native advertising: A crucial part of digital marketing is advertising. However, because of their stand-out appearance, ads can be easily noticed by consumers. Thus, the buyer refrains from clicking on it and making a purchase. Native advertising, on the other hand, cancels this drawback. It makes use of ads that merge with the content displayed by the publisher, making it almost impossible to gauge their presence and, in turn, leading to sales.
  • Email marketing: This relies on subscriptions and timely newsletters delivered right into our mailboxes. Since we are made aware of the ongoing offers or recent deals on our favorite products, we become more likely to make a purchase!
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC): In this, search engines pay businesses a sum of money for the number of clicks their ads fetch. The probability of whether a particular ad will be clicked or not depends on content marketing and the choice of keywords.
  • Influencer/Affiliate Marketing: This field is relatively new and is quite popular among teenagers and young adults. Here, ‘influential’ individuals are chosen by certain brands to promote their products. When the influencer’s followers see their idols using a particular brand of clothing or makeup, they want to use it too. Hence, more sales!

Marketing and the essence of relationships

For years, marketing has majorly relied upon creating meaningful relationships with one’s customers. Hence, with the humane component visibly absent in the digital marketplace, digital marketing seems to float on dicey waters. Perhaps, the water isn’t as deep as it seems. Read on!

The undiscovered realms digital marketing gives you an edge over traditional marketing in many forms, such as:

  • A larger consumer base: What was once only limited to a particular city or state can now travel to the entire country or even to the farthest corners of the world with the uninterrupted assistance of social media! For instance, imagine getting beautiful authentic Kanchipuram sarees delivered to your doorstep in New Jersey all the way from Tamil Nadu!
  • Targeting the right consumers and ensuring better ROIs: Were there times when consumers walked away empty-handed simply because they couldn’t get what they were looking for? In that case, digital marketing will have you covered! Through various supremely helpful facets like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), businesses can decide on their target audiences for their advertisements or social media! This, in turn, ensures better returns since your products are only being viewed by your prospective customers! Witty, right? Moreover, a business can always increase their visibility with the help of email marketing, subscription to newsletters, or personalized offers!
  • Real-time analysis of sales and customer engagement: While keeping track of sale records for umpteen products can become intimidating and cumbersome, digital marketing releases the tension off your heads by giving you all the essential analyses, ranging from the number of times your ads were seen to the number of people who clicked on them. Such in-depth analyses can also assist you to further streamline your potential audience base and see what fits who.
  • Ease of communication: With the details of their favorite products and services just a couple of taps away, your customers will no longer have to wait for their turns to get their queries answered. Since digital marketing accounts can be accessed and managed by several people at once, customers always have someone waiting to demystify mysteries brewing in their heads, ensuring an altogether new level of easy communication with one’s consumers. With features such as those ensuring hassle-free refunds and replacements, running a business through a digital medium only results in trusting customers and trustworthy brands.
  • Brand reputation and awareness: Most of the brands we see today do not have physical stores. Yet, without being present around us physically, they’ve mastered the art of making their customers aware of their brand. Since digital marketing allows a business to step out of their native consumer base, it also lets them promote their brands to the level where their buyers form a natural association with it. Additionally, competitive services and features too spread the word about the brand by positive customer reviews, word of mouth and satisfactory services.
  • Unlimited scope: The scope of digital marketing resembles our universe – vast and expanding at an unbelievable velocity! Digital marketing entails a super marketplace for everything under the sun – from groceries to holiday packages! It is estimated that there will be 24 billion gadgets globally by the end of 2020. Hence, with a larger number of people relying on technology every single day, the future of digital marketing will only shine brighter in the coming years! Digital marketing will be the new way to market!

What’s our take on businesses experimenting with digital marketing?

It is definitely a resonating yes! Research indicates that digital marketing will only bloom like the brightest flower in the near future. Given all the lucrative benefits of venturing into the digital world, it will only be a win-win situation for both marketers and consumers. Perhaps, in the era of the new normals of physical distancing, digital marketing has seen a boom in purchases because, though people are at home, their hearts yearn to shop in colorful bazaars and markets. Guess, what comes to rescue here? Moreover, with the world quickly inclining towards technology, with digital marketing, your business will get the stage it deserves! Also, unlike traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing offers an enormous spectrum of tactics that will give your creative cells a healthy workout. So, whether you are a story-teller, digital animator, graphic designer, or videographer, fasten your seat belts and get ready to chase the sky because this flight of digital marketing will only soar higher!

What is the role of Zopflix in marketing your brand?

With an enriching experience of more than 10 years and numerous success stories, Zopflix defines a digital marketing agency with promising results. Digital marketing is nothing less than a mind-boggling science, hence, helping your businesses reach the right people behind the screens calls for guidance from the experts in the field. At Zopflix, our primary aim is to garner sales and multiply investments in your business. For this, we make use of numerous scientific strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, using keywords, and keeping up with a definite keyword density. Ensuring transparent communication, timely delivery of results, and unlimited, real-time customer support, Zopflix will handle your business digitally like its own baby to see it mature into healthier versions!

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