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What makes Zopflix a matchless Digital Marketing firm in India & beyond is that we understand the stuff dreams are made of. A person starting a local business, a company, or an online store places high hopes on the same and wants it to reach the pinnacle of success. We, at Zopflix, nurture umpteen such dreams by introducing the business to the world of internet marketing. For that, we begin by designing an SEO-friendly website after which we apply our SEO techniques to increase its visibility, thereby bridging any gaps between the business and its ideal customers.

Unmatched Digital Marketing Services

Not just this, we have been raising the bar for services offered in the field of digital marketing since our inception. Backed with an experienced team of veteran managers, designers, developers, writers, and SEO experts, our focus has always been on delivering superlative services rather than on acquiring clients because we know satisfactory work eventually leads up to that. Another thing that makes us the top Digital Marketing Agency Services in India, USA, & Canada is that we do not have meandering priorities. Client-satisfaction has always been our prime concern and we bend over backward to keep up with the trust that is placed in our services.

Digital Marketing Solutions: Designed To Ace

We leverage a brand’s online presence by providing innovative solutions that have a direct impact on the revenue of the company. Our highly meticulous marketers make sure the leads that are generated aren’t bogus but have the potential to convert into customers. For that, the campaigns are designed and strategically targeted to augment profit and sales. As the best digital agency, we help clients get a firm grasp on their competitors, market, and customers because that is what lets them seal the cracks and drive quality traffic.

With a person (age and nationality no bar) spending approx. 5 hours on digital platforms,
70% of your clients are online. Where are you?

People are searching the web for a company like yours. Will they find you or your competitor?

Best Digital Marketing Services In India & Beyond (USA & Canada)
That Guarantee Results

The way we have been launched out of the age of newspaper advertisements and TV commercials into the digital age of websites and online stores is amusing. We are literally a click away from a product or a service. With hectic schedules and disturbed lifestyle patterns, having things at one’s beck and the call is a boon. Need shampoo? Click. Click. Click. You get 20 brands online. Need to find a freelance makeup artist? Click. Click. Click. You find 50. Can you imagine doing this offline? Next to impossible!

But the question is how did these 20 brands and 50 makeup artists pop up and in what order? That’s exactly where digital marketing services come into the picture. A marketing firm builds a brand’s online reputation and makes sure it shows up on SERPs when similar brands/products are searched for. No, the order they appear in isn’t a default setting if you think so. Tremendous work goes into bringing a website at a rank from where Google makes it discoverable to its prospects.

Zopflix offers affordable digital marketing services in India, USA, Canada (among other countries) that can make your business climb the Google rankings and elevate its digital presence to build trust and a reputation that people crave for. The services we offer are as follows-

SEO Services

Get ready to boost your visibility by being on top of the Google Search Results through our optimized keyword research practices.

Elevate Your Rankings

Pay Per Click

Save your money by investing in the right firm. We assure you of generating high-converting leads to help boost your business.

Grow Your Sales

Website Designing

Relish the designs that speak! We promote mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, and objective-oriented websites.

Beautify Your Design

Website Development

From the page structure to its navigation and from the first pixel to the last, we’ll build you a website that will drive results.

Develop Error-Free Site

Content Writing Services

The king of all the digital marketing strategies, our content will make your business the queen of your niche.

Engage The Readers

Outsourcing Services

Talk about data-entry, email or chat support, customer service, or debt collection, we have got you covered.

Streamline Your Operations

Reliable & Affordable Digital Marketing Plans

One size can’t fit all – Our understanding of this fact has made Zopflix carve its way to being an unrivaled online marketing agency in India & other countries where we have our offices – USA and Canada. We respect the uniqueness of each business and have therefore designed our packages in a way that meet the varying needs of start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations. Offering clients the flexibility they need in terms of their budget and requirements, our digital marketing plans are comprehensive and easy on the pockets. Not only this, we also offer custom-made packages where you can club services or drop a particular one to suit your business. Either way, you get the optimum output from the most affordable digital marketing firm.

If you are not sure of what plan to go ahead with, get in touch with one of our professionals who’d do a free-consultation call with you and suggest the one that perfectly suited you and your business.

Why Do You Need A Marketing Agency To Help Grow Your Business?

What people see is what people buy. A brand can be the best in the world but it will still yield 0 results if nobody knows it exists. That’s where a digital marketing agency comes into play. Among the myriad things an agency does, it –

  • Helps you reach out to your ideal audience that literally lives on the internet through Google Shopping Ads and Brand Awareness Campaigns.
  • Communicates with your prospects through clear and concise copies that explain how your product/service is better than what others have to offer.
  • Increases revenue by targeting the right audience and giving them enough reasons to convent into loyal customers.
  • Gives measurable results so you can evaluate your brand’s performance and make intelligent decisions.
  • Builds your strongest asset in the form of your website that will have the power to interact with people for years at a stretch.

A reputed digital marketing company does all this and more at a price that will double your profits. You need a digital marketing agency if you are interested in getting back 2x by investing just x, at a pace that is fast and hassle-free.

But we don’t want you to take our word for it! Pay heed only to what stats have to say –

  • 82% of modern consumers use websites, reviews, and social media before making a purchase.
  • Content marketing is 3 times cheaper than traditional modes of advertising.
  • 92% of the decisions taken by shoppers are influenced by social media ads.
  • 26% of users convert through Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • 78% of brands get ¼ of new clients through their digital presence.

Still wondering if you really need to seek the assistance of a digital marketing company? Let’s help you out! Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer all of these in the positive, it’s time for you to hire an agency to boost your business.

We won’t press the matter further. However, if the answer is ‘Yes’, digital marketing services offered by an expert firm like Zopflix can help you achieve the goal you set for your business.

What Sets Zopflix Apart From The Myriad Other Digital Marketing Firms In India, Canada, & USA?

At Zopflix, we believe in creating a bountiful supply of success stories. From start-ups to big companies, Zopflix has helped its clients elevate their business and maximise their profits. With years of experience in handling thousands of campaigns, Zopflix is a revered name in the industry when it comes to implementing strategically-sound solutions to enhance customer experience. All this extensive exposure and wisdom that we have today is the result of catering to global customers in varied fields.

Why Should You Choose Us?

If you are a business based in the USA, Canada, or Australia, Zopflix can help you augment your digital growth at a rate that is ½ of the wages + benefits of a USA agent. Besides this, we’ll manage everything so you won’t have to worry about labor, infrastructure, technology, or operational costs. Easy-breezy, right? Right.

What Else?

Top digital marketing agencies understand that the best of traffic and the best of leads in terms of numbers can prove to be of no good if the leads don’t convert. We at Zopflix, thus, focus on those aspects of digital marketing services through which revenue can be uplifted. Our main aim is to multiply the money you invest in marketing by dividing your workload and we do that by being exceptionally awesome at what we do – applying strategies that deliver results. With us, great ROIs are a given. Customer-satisfaction follows. What else follows is more sales, more happiness, more smiles.

Do you want ‘more’? Zopflix is here to serve you exactly that.

    Unlimited, Real-Time Support

    • No ghostbots or chatbots.
    • Real people offer real-time support through real answers.
    • Problem with a campaign at 2 AM? Need extensive online support?
    • We are at your beck and call.

    Up-To-The-Minute Strategies

    • Our adaptability to the changing Google algorithms is super.
    • Our experts understand new techniques at the speed of light.
    • The same are used in our strategies.
    • From dividing tasks to multiplying revenues – our strategies work wonders.

    Customized Solutions

    • Your brand is your baby. Just like every baby is unique, so is your brand!
    • We, therefore, don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach.
    • We understand your brand, your objectives, and your goals.
    • Only after that do we go ahead with our fault-proof solutions.

    Balanced Work Culture

    • Our employees’ personal & professional growth matters to us.
    • An environment that makes for the happiest employees is thus cultivated.
    • They work hard. Once the work is done, they party harder.
    • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy after all.

    98% Client Retention

    • Zopflix started offering digital marekting services years ago.
    • The fact that we have been able to retain our first client speaks volumes.
    • 98% Retention = 100% results.
    • Rest assured you’ll love our work.


    • We are the best digital marketing company when it comes to transparency.
    • High on ethics, we maintain the utmost integrity and trust.
    • Talk about pricing or delivery, we don’t hedge our bets.
    • You can finally focus on more important things.

    Regular Updates

    • Give your business the power of analytics.
    • Get daily, weekly, and monthly reports to track the progress.
    • No scams. No beating about the bush.
    • Only real-time reports that talk of calculated success.

    Timely Delivery

    • Want a website designed in a month? We can do that!
    • Honestly, it’s not about time. It’s about commitment.
    • If we make a commitment, we honour that.
    • And we go above and beyond to maintain that.

Frequently asked Question (FAQ’s)

Being a remarkable digital marketing firm, we don’t just blindly apply strategies. We understand the clients’ objectives after which we study their audiences to catch hold of the loopholes. Once this is done, we design a custom-made digital marketing strategy that aligns well with the business model.
Our digital marketers are Google certified and have the actionable hacks to build high-converting campaigns and their corresponding landing pages. Right from appealing ad-copies to managing the keywords, our marketers will augment your brand presence in the digital arena to help you acquire quality leads that will convert into loyal customers.
Let’s draw an analogy. Between choosing to buy your own house and renting an apartment, you’d choose the latter if you lack the resources, time, and the knowledge required. Same goes for an agency! While an agency would have a team ready to work for you along with the requisite knowledge to implement the newest of techniques, setting up your own in-house team will require more time and more resources (money, infrastructure, management, etc.). There’s no good or bad here; only a better option that suits your situation. Pro Tip: If you urgently want to elevate your digital presence, seeking an agency’s help is the best bet.
For SEO, we’d expect a 3 to 6-month commitment from your end. This is because the initial months go into understanding your business, eradicating all the loopholes, and making the website SEO-friendly. Based on the amount of work that a particular site needs, this period varies. Chances are that the results end up showing after a month itself (if there aren’t too many issues to be fixed), but we take 3 to 6 months of time because that’s the period in which we can turn even a poorly-performing website into a lead-generating machine. For PPC services, a month’s time is sufficient for us to showcase the desired results. For other digital marketing solutions like website designing, development, and content writing, the time will vary as per the nature of work.
We are one of the most affordable digital marketing firms with customised packages for every business type, be it start-ups or SMEs (small and medium enterprises). While the package cost will vary as per the services you plan to take, we can assure you that it won’t burden your pocket as our plans start from just $199. Furthermore, we offer a discount of 15% if the SEO services are taken for a duration of 6 months and 10%, if taken for 3 months.
Absolutely! We save clients from the steep costs of infrastructure, headcount, technology, software licences, and more. With faster turnaround and higher flexibility in times of ebb and flow, we have been helping Australian clients along with the clients in the USA and Canada with their digital marketing needs for half of what other companies in their nation charge at a doubled up efficiency rate. Get in touch with us for a free one-on-one call with the best digital marketing expert today!
While you can check our Portfolio Section for a detailed answer, we’ll keep it short here. The two large-scale projects from Australia that we worked on were (i) Lolo & Wren (website designing and development) and (ii) Australia-Based Fashion Designer (content writing services). Our first project from the USA coincidentally was our first official project and we take pride in having retained the client for a long time. The project goes by the name of MyTicketsToIndia and is a leading air-ticketing portal. As for Canada, one among the many projects we have worked on is Superfares which is a portal that books affordable tickets from Canada to India. These two use our full-scale digital marketing services, be it SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content, Email-marketing, or website (re)designing and development.
There are three types of people – (i) who are oblivious to the benefits of digital marketing services, (ii) who know the benefits of digital marketing services but do nothing about it, and (iii) who know the benefits and do every bit to use them in their favour. If you belong to the first category, understand that you are losing your business to your competitors. Only when this dawns on you would a firm be able to help you. If you belong to the second category, it’s the perfect time for you to approach an internet marketing agency that can help your business climb the ladder of success. If you belong to the third, you are on the right path but we are here if you want to reduce your costs.
Don’t go for companies that offer a quick fix. The companies that offer superlative services don’t promise results overnight; they promise top-notch work because they know the work that speaks is the work that drives sales. Once you shortlist such companies, look for their testimonials and their ethics. Because the company you choose will be like an extended family, these two factors will play a vital role. Good luck!

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